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Zakaria Kouloughli, ND
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Dr.Zak is a doctor of naturopathy. He uses diet, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and ancillary activities to affect change in the body.

Dr. Zak is not a licensed physician in the state of texas and does not pose as one.

his services are not covered by health insurance.

Clients must follow Dr. Zak's recommendations. 

Failure to do so, is easily identified and will result in exclusion from the health program with no refund.

To qualify for this guarantee, all instructions and activities must be followed accurately.



Zakaria Kouloughli, ND stands out as one of the rare Doctors of Naturopathy globally and in the United States, specializing in Ionic therapy. Through his non-invasive test analysis, he skillfully pinpoints the underlying causes of diseases, while his health program focuses on recovery without resorting to drugs or surgery.

The journey into ionic therapy for Dr. Zak was motivated by two impactful events – the loss of two friends to pancreatic cancer in recent years. These experiences prompted him to explore alternative health modalities to assist those facing critical illnesses.

Armed with a Doctorate of Naturopathy, Dr. Zak initiated his practice, dedicating himself to helping clients with various disorders, including cardiovascular and digestive issues.

Dr. ZAK is an alumnus of Trinity School of Natural Health in Indiana, USA, and has pursued education at the University of Texas at Austin, St. Edward's University, and l'Université de Tlemcen. He actively shares his knowledge by publishing articles and health tips on social media platforms. Additionally, he is deeply involved in the development of health instruments that facilitate ionic therapy at home.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dr. Zak has a passion for table tennis (ping pong), soccer, and volleyball. He generously contributes to his kids' high school volleyball team by assisting the coach during practices. Dr. Zak resides in the Austin, Texas area, alongside his wife and two daughters.

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